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17 Redburn St, London SW3 4DA contact@chelsealocksmith-london.co.uk
24/ 7 Locksmith Service: 07442137578 Follow us:
17 Redburn St, London SW3 4DA contact@chelsealocksmith-london.co.uk

Locksmith SW3

Locksmith SW3 expert with Chelsea Locksmith London

No matter where you need a Locksmith SW3 fast, get in touch with Chelsea Locksmith London. We are experts and we are based in Chelsea, therefore our response time will be the fastest in the area.

Normally, our emergency locksmith will arrive at your location within a short 30-minute time after calling for locksmith services. Get an emergency locksmith in SW3 Chelsea at your door now!

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services: 

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Emergency Locksmiths

24 hour locksmith in London.
house lockout solutions

House Lockout London

Solutions for any lock door.
CHANGE locks emergency locksmith

Change Locks Now

Upgrade to British Standard Locks.
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Chelsea Locksmith

Fast local locksmith nearby.

Your Local Locksmith SW3

Amazingly, all our local locksmiths in Chelsea are mobile and fully equipped! They are always traveling to our client’s locations in Chelsea SW3 to help with emergencies and a member of our team is probably only a few blocks away from your location.

So, after getting in touch with our prompt receptionists, you will know exactly how much you have to wait to be served by a locksmith in Chelsea. Shortly, after you speak with us, you will have the confirmation of the job and the details of your emergency locksmith that will attend your location, so you can have extra peace of mind. Call our Chelsea Locksmiths and have professional locksmith services at your doorstep.

Fast locksmith services with our 24-hour Local Locksmith SW3

Call us and get fast Commercial and Residential locksmiths.

At your doorstep in 30 minutes.

Our Chelsea locksmiths in SW3 will offer a professional 24hr Emergency Locksmith service anytime. No matter what time you call, our 24-hour local locksmith SW3 will not leave you behind. Therefore, our Locksmithing service in Chelsea SW3 is now available all year round in SW London.

Get in touch with our Chelsea locksmiths and have your lock changed, proceed with a lock installation, or have your burglary repair solved fast. Get help from our locksmith SW3 in 30 minutes. Our technicians with years of experience that are always available for residential or commercial jobs.

Are you lockout of the house? Have you lost your keys? Do you need a new lock?

Our professional locksmiths are able to unlock your door providing immediate emergency help, day and night. Moreover, all our nearby locksmiths are highly skilled and can open a door in 90% of situations without damaging the lock itself. Of course, upon request, door lock change service or repairs can be provided. Get reliable help now!

Locksmith near me SW3 in 30 minutes

Our emergency locksmith Chelsea is available fast. Get in touch and your nearest locksmith will attend to your property. Whenever you need a locksmith near your address, call our 24 hours London locksmiths first and they will come fast with the best solution.

Get lockout or lock change property solutions at a fair price. Our professional London locksmiths in Chelsea are near you and are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and locks. So, 24 hours a day, they will help with all locksmiths services at your call.


Lock Change SW3

Residential or commercial requests will be solved fast with our Chelsea locksmith team. Our locksmith in Chelsea will be able to supply and fit any door lock when a lock change is necessary. Call out locksmiths and have a locksmith service solution on the first visit.

Burglary Repairs SW3

If you are in an emergency situation, our SW3 locksmith in Chelsea will come really fast. For example, you might have found your house left unsafe after a burglary. Or perhaps it was just an attempt or a burglary but the lock has been forced. In this case, you can get locksmiths services and have a burglary repair fast. Our reliable fast-response locksmith will offer the best locksmith service for burglary repairs.

How safe is your door? Ask our locksmith Chelsea SW3 to have a look now.

All typical English doors have more locking areas. One is a highly secured lock near the center – that would act as the main lock. In the center of the door are normally mortice locks and two other high-security locking systems. Anytime you need it, a locksmith would be able to identify and install any lock on your door. He would be able to offer advice and perform all locksmith services on the first visit.

When you need extra security, an expert would be able to install a new lock or advise on what is your best option. Of course, we also can perform more complicated tasks such as we can install London bar systems in place to reinforce the wooden door frames if it’s necessary. If your doorframe is damaged beyond repair, you may need to replace it. A reliable door lock expert will be able to detect your level of security and offer advice on how you can proceed.

Most Common locksmith services in SW3 Chelsea with our locksmiths Chelsea

Home Lockout

Business Lockout

Door Lock Installations

Repairs and Fixing

Lock Replacement

High Security Locks Installation

Lock Rekey

Security Upgrades to BS

Consulting Luxury Replacements

24 hours Locksmith Service

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Lock change SW3 with our Locksmiths in Chelsea

Do you need a new key or simply have to change the lock because your door is not working as it used to? Our skilled Chelsea Locksmith will never disappoint and will offer a lock replacement fast. Call us and ask for our 24 hours locksmith service.

Our London Locksmith in Chelsea possesses an extensive knowledge base to share with our clients 24 hours. After years of experience, our Chelsea Locksmith professionals will be able to fix all your security issues. In about 30 minutes our locksmiths will secure your entrance and you will be safe again.

No matter what time you call, our Chelsea security technicians have access to many brands and a wide range of locks and locking systems to secure your house on the spot. So, whatever the problem is, our locksmith Chelsea SW3 is right here, ready to come to you. He should take care of your lock emergency immediately.

Best Locksmiths in Chelsea London

Are you looking for the best locksmiths in Chelsea London? Have you just lost keys, need lock repairs, or simply want to secure your house better? If you are based in Chelsea SW3 we are the nearest Locksmiths Services available any time. We, therefore, focus on great quality and fast services around Chelsea and surrounding areas.

This basically means our whole approach will always work towards your customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, let us show you why we have a great reputation when it comes to for locksmith services in Chelsea SW3.

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The most trusted workforce in Chelsea

First of all, Chelsea Locksmith London technicians employ very cautiously. Before we start working with a new technician, he will undergo extensive background checks to ensure a high level of trust and efficiency. The skilled team undergoes regularly updated training in order to better serve their knowledge of the new technology in the locksmith industry.

So, whenever you need locksmith service, our emergency locksmith team is ready to come to your location.

Emergency Locksmith Service in Chelsea

Sometimes, you might require locksmith services when it’s late at night. For example, when the lock is broken down and it’s impossible for you to get inside your house, you might require an emergency locksmith service at your location. Normally, our locksmiths in Chelsea can help you with everything you want when it comes to lock solutions. So, our locksmiths are ready to help in case of a lockout or whenever when you feel unsafe in your own house.

Residential locksmiths

If you have just found yourself lockout of your house, we are ready to come and help at your location in Chelsea. There’s a wide range of locksmith services you can require and our locksmiths will be happy to perform them at any hour. Of course, the most common service is the unlock service but we will be happy to help with lock replacement, lock installation, repair, and rekey for new keys. Give us a call and ask if your service is available – most likely it will!

Commercial locksmith

Are you a business owner and your lock just got stuck? Are you looking to change your location and need to secure a new space? We are here to offer support throughout the entire process. Our locksmith Chelsea can handle 24-hour commercial requests and they are ready to come and offer the best services available in London.

Please make an appointment with Chelsea Locksmith Services now or request our on-call service. Our door lock-related services include lock repair, lock supply, and fitting, lock installation, or simply unlock service. We can come anywhere in Chelsea and nearby areas.

Lock replacement & lock repairs

Doors Lock Repairs and Replacement are always available on-site with our locksmiths. We will assist in the selection of a lock suitable to the budget. There’s a wide range of locks appropriate for all residential properties or for business locations. So, whenever you need help with your locks, our locksmiths will be ready to offer assistance and start working.


One of the main reasons why you should hire us to handle your security is the quality of the materials and of our labor – besides the fast response time to all emergencies. Our most used brands include INGERSOLL, CHUBB, BANHAM, CISA, ASEC, MUL-T-LOCK, and so on. Chelsea Locks provides high-quality locks for your home and business.





















*upon request, we can help with a wide range of specialized premium locks and door hardware. 


Intelligent door-locking systems have many benefits and are the biggest component of a smart home. It also allows you to go and stay as you wish or to monitor people entering and leaving your house. It is a great option for Airbnb homes or for clients that simply prefer a modern touch.

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24-Hour Locksmith Services in Chelsea SW3 & surrounding areas

Chelsea Locksmith London provides 24-hour locksmith assistance in Chelsea SW3 and throughout the South West. Chelsea SW3 is easily accessible within 30 mins and our locksmiths are always prepared to start coming to your location and offer help.

Fully equipped and highly trained, we are capable of providing a full 24-hour service that includes business and residential locksmithing requirements for London houses or stores, offices, nightclubs, restaurants, and other properties in Chelsea SW3 and across South West London. All unlock, lock repair, replacement, and installation services in Chelsea SW3 are fast and guaranteed.

New Lock Installation

A worn or broken locking device may affect your sense of security in a highly crowded and multicultural place, like London. Our locksmith replacement or repairs service offers the most comprehensive lock replacement service: all locks with new keys.

Anytime you need we’ll install your security door locks that come with new keys. Our specialty is mainly door locks but we can help with windows locks, as well. In some cases, we even offer garage locks or other types of locks. Get in touch and ask us about your exact requirement and we will do our best to solve it.

Have you been burgled? We provide emergency same-day door lock replacements and fast burglary repairs

Burglars frequently make unrelenting attempts to enter a building and this can cause severe damage even if the burglary is unsuccessful. Of course, in case they do manage to enter, there would be lock damage for sure.

So, whether it be faulty door frames or deteriorating hinges, they can pose risks. Typically, your building insurance covers burglary damage. So, you are entitled to install door locks if your original door locks were affected and most likely the insurance will cover the costs. Therefore, don’t risk your safety and have your locks fixed or replaced as soon as you get to the property and notice what happened.

Protect your property from future burglaries

Why risk having your house burgled when you can prevent it most of the time? Prevention is the key to everything so this applies to security as well, of course. Having this in mind, we are trying to offer peace of mind to everyone looking to protect their goods or family in the long term. Therefore, our local locksmith will always present high-security options for your property and will always insist on using the locks that last.

Nonetheless, we can offer fast locksmith burglary repairs in London Chelsea SW3. So, if prevention was not your concern, our locksmiths services will cover all solutions.

We will be arriving at your door at your earliest convenience and will serve you with the best products. Also, we will offer a comprehensive line of security products for the prevention of any future robberies. Think about deadbolt locks, hook bolt locks, night locks, high-security locks, hinges, cylinders, or even keyed alike systems. There’s no job too big or too small for our company.

You can rely on professional & experienced locksmiths to provide you with a security solution today

Our professional locksmith team is dedicated to providing you with the finest security solutions at the highest level. Of course, you can rely on our professional and experienced locksmiths to come up with a fast solution within 30 minutes after you call us. We typically receive calls all day and all night, so contact us now!

Get 24-7 Emergency Locksmith service that includes emergency door opening, door lock repair, lock rekey, lock replacement service or high-security cylinder replacement, Banham locks installation, safe opening, and so on.

Get Free price estimates from our local locksmiths

Are you looking to get a quote for a bigger security project? Maybe you are just moving into a new property and need to change more locks all at once. Tell us about the project you’ve undertaken and get help from professionals.

Our Chelsea locksmiths would be happy to assist you and offer more options for your issue. Get the best solutions and free estimates when you have something specific in mind. Whenever we can, we will offer a fixed estimate that will most likely end up being the final price in case everything is pretty much standard. But, of course, as you might imagine, nobody can guarantee a certain price only by talking on the phone. First of all, it would be impossible to have a price after a short conversation, because there are several levels of security for each lock and the price might also differ on your personal circumstances. Also, the labor has many specifics But, after a technician gets there, he will most likely be able to share a quote with you. Don’t be afraid to share with us your security projects, we are always happy to help.

Your local 24/7 emergency locksmith London in Chelsea SW3

Broken locks and doors can pose significant risks and need immediate repair. Chelsea Locksmith London is a reliable and experienced emergency locksmithing company offering services across London, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are here for a simple, painless, and efficient solution to all your security needs.

Have you recently moved to Chelsea SW3?

Of course, whenever you are moving into a new place (maybe even a new city), it is more than recommended to change your locks as a starting point.

Firstly, you have no idea who was the previous owner or tenant, or who exactly still has the key to your new property. Are you willing to take a risk and keep using the same key? For sure it’s better to reassure yourself that the house you are renting or living in is safe and secure.

We’d like to suggest you contact our security team for a detailed inspection of your property. Also, try and keep our contact number handy for future local emergencies. We will be able to offer help locally at any hour of the day or night.

The most trusted workforce in Chelsea


We know you wish to keep your place safe and everything starts with your locksmiths. A well-trained and reliable technician should be a normality when calling an emergency service and we wanted to take it into consideration when it comes to our business.

Therefore, because we respect our clients, we employ only locksmiths that are well-trained. Chelsea Locksmith London technicians are very cautiously selected. All employees undergo background checks to ensure a high level of trust and efficiency. Our team undergoes regularly updated training in order to better serve their knowledge of the new technology in the locksmith industry. Give us a call and have the best locksmiths over fast!