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What is BS3621 Lock British Standard?

Wanna change or install a BS3621 British Standard lock? Usually, the primary concern of homeowners in London is to have a BS3621 British Standard lock installed on the front door of their new property. Of course, after moving into a new house or just before renting it out, it is important to make it safe. Therefore, choosing approved locks for any property should be mandatory. So, if you can, try to choose locks conforming the BS3621 standard of lock; this is a good way to make sure you have a safety warranty and protection against most of the burglary techniques.

Get in touch with Chelsea Locksmith London now and we’ll have a security assessment of your property right away. We will determine quickly if your house is thief resistant or if it needs improvement on the security level.

In any case, our locksmiths in Chelsea are fully trained and ready to conduct any necessary lock replacement or installation on the spot. Call our Chelsea locksmiths now, we are available 24 hours!

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BS3621 and BS10621 Insurance Approved Locks

Of course, the BS3621 and BS10621 door locks come in a big variety of brands, security levels and measurements. Therefore, you can choose between different types of locks when you wish to install a door lock conforming to BS3621 or BS10621. Normally, our locksmiths will be able to present you BS Standard options for each type of lock and key.

However, the home insurance might require a specific type of lock BS3621. So, the policy is often really specific when it comes to the type of lock you need to have installed in order to pass their criteria. They need you to follow the lock standard and choose a British Standard lock for both front and back entrances.

Why is the British Standard important?

Based upon rigorous tests, this standard assures the wear and tear of the lock will not be as significant. Also, the lock’s durability makes your house thief resistant, so it will resist against the common methods and tactics used by intruders.

In conclusion, a British Standard Lock is resistant to most of the burglary techniques. If you can, choose to have insurance approved locks fitted as soon as possible. Nothing is more important than staying safe.

What are BS3621 Locks? How to tell you have a British Standard BS3621 lock on your door?

The importance of the British Standard BS3621 Locks is more and more significant in 2022. In the past years, we’ve got much more requests for installing or fitting high-secured British Standard locks on front doors compared to what we used to have when we’ve just started. So, everyone is more conscious of the importance of having a secure home and we are happy to help with the best locks on the market.

In short, a British Standard lock can be easily recognised by a professional by simply locating the specific kite mark and the standard number. Normally, a heart shape kite mark of a lock will certify if it successfully passes the British standard of lock. All locksmiths can point out and identify if your version of the lock has the right kite mark.

What are British standard locks and how do they affect my insurance?

Of course, a kitemark on the lockset is the proof a tested lock. The British Standard Institute rigorously tests lock installations for conformance with correct standards. To be conform to this standard, a lock must pass all tests to reduce the risk of a property being exposed.

So, the locking system containing British Standard kite marks also displays numbers for the standards they passed in accordance with the standard.

Therefore, all domestic locks will normally have the BS 3621 British Standard marking. Also, there are 3 standard types of locks that can have the BSI kite mark (Euro cylinder, Mortice locks and night latches). Once you call us, our locksmith can offer advice at your property and can fit any of these the parts on the spot. Simply call our Chelsea Locksmith London team now.

British Standard Locks and Your Home Insurance policy

If you are browsing for a convenient home policy, it might be handy to simply go online and find the most affordable policy. But what you can take into consideration before that, is changing your standard simple locks with more high secured locks (lever mortice lock, mortice sashlock, secured rim locks, euro cylinders with stars and so on). This way the you will conform to the policy requirements and manage to get a better deal, as your home is already a safe place. Therefore, we will recommend you to always get locks insurance approved to BS3621.

So, when you get a policy estimate, look through the criteria for your door lock (they might require a certain level of security, certain specifics such as 20mm Bolt throw, anti drill properties, so on as so fourth). So, be careful as there are several forms and each insurance company may have different requirements.

The meaning of BS3621

BS 3621 are types of locking standards based on the British Standards Institute for burglar-proof and theft-proof locksets. Typically these are the most used standards for locking sets.

These BS 3621 locking sets are normally installed on the the front doors. So, this security level protects a property against all types of break ins.

Therefore, these are some of the greatest ways for boosting home security. Although the lock is not required on your internal doors, it is considered necessary to be installed on the external doors for these security measures. Of course, back doors are also recommended to be properly secured conform BS 3621 2007. A locksmith will offer more details about this one he sees your location.

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How do I check if my BS3621 door locks are home insurance compliant?

Start by trying to spot your standard on the face place of your lock. If it qualifies, a British Standard kitemark will be engraved on your lock.

Also, try looking for a British Standard number that has been written on the locking door. There’s a number that lists the year when the standard has been passed.

So, typically, a 2007 version is engraved on ‘BS3621:2007′ is inscribed on its faceplate. The locking plate that faces the door when opened should have the corresponding standard numbers on the plaque. If any of these criteria are not met, it will most certainly be a false lockset or just a standard lock with no security features.

In conclusion, the kite mark should be on the lock to prove its authenticity. Therefore, it is the only way it will confirm its true application to Britain’s Standard of lock.

Is any BS 3621 Lock approved for insurance?

Normally, most locking units with a kitemark on can have labels on the packaging saying they are insurance approved. This means that many insurance companies require the same locking style as standard.

Of course, normally, many types of locks are accepted as home insurance compliant. Therefore, the standard of a lock may be mentioned into the requirements of the policy.

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5 lever mortice deadlock BS3621

mortice deadlock chelsea locksmith BS3621 lock
Mortice Deadlock

Whenever you call a locksmith to help you get high secured locks fitted, he will most likely recommend you to install 5 levers lock if you have timber doors. This version of deadlock will be the best option to secure the house properly, both front and back doors.

Everything you need to know about BS3621 Mortice DeadLock

Deadlock was originally developed for entrance door protection and has been required by most insurance companies and policies. This lock has been rigorously tested, according to standards set in Britain.

Therefore, all BS 3621 mortice locks must have features that meet the required standards. Our locksmiths will normally install only Mortice lock with 5 levers. Therefore, the lock with three levers does not comply with a BS 3621 British standard.

5 lever mortice deadlock conforming to BS3621

When you search for a mortice Deadlock BS3621, a trained locksmith will advice you what is the best option for your house. So, when you choose a BS3621 mortice lock or a mortice sashlock, try and choose the best version for a better protection.

A pretty common choice would be the Chubb 5 lever mortice deadlock BS3621. Also, when changing a lockset, a good locksmith would advice you to do a BS3621 rim locks change or a BS3621 night latch change, if that’s the case.

In conclusion, the best decision when you need to change your 5 lever mortice lock BS3621 is to search for a trained locksmith that will be able to perform a flawless installation that will last.

The British Standards of the BS3621 Lock

Over the years, a standard of BS 3621 has to be updated and modified to meet the evolving environment. Therefore, the BS3621 locking standard has several versions available at the moment.

It is easy to identify the different years in which they manufactured or were introduced by using the numbers, which show the date of the standards approval by the Chartered Standards Institute.

Other British Standard Locks (BS8621 + BS10621)

There’s two other standards listed alongside B3621 namely BS 8621 and BS 10621 but they’re very few in a home.

Common BS locks in Flats & Apartments

So, there’s a variety of locks from the standard, such as BS3621, BS8621 and BS10521 that are generally found in commercial properties and in buildings which have high occupant numbers, including apartments and flats. BS10611 locks are very rare, and the BS8621 locks are more commonly utilised in apartments.

More variations of British standard locks (BS8621 + BS10621)

There are two different UK standard locks listed alongside B3621, the BS8622 and BS10622. These locks are often mentioned alongside BS3621.

Unlike the standard BS3621 that is used mostly within households, these 2 varieties have been rarely encountered for residential use. BS8621 and BS10621 are used for commercial buildings with multiple users like flats and apartments, though BS 10621 is not widely used.

Normally, the standard BS8621 locks are used mostly on emergency exits, in case of immediate emergency situations. This type of security system was constructed so that the keys would not be needed to exit the premises in case of a fire or other life-threatening events.

So, when you need to determine if you have a BS8621 lock installed on your door, look for the serial number “BS8621” engraved on the door, followed by the number and the year of manufacturing. If the lock is made in 2017, its number is BS8621:2017.

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Can BS3621 lock reduce my home insurance cost?

Typically, as is the case with many home insurance companies, the lower priced policy is offered merely because British Standard BS3621 locks have been installed. Of course, a kite mark lock with a standard number is a mandatory requirement for most policies.

Therefore, it is recommended to contact a locksmith company that installs original BS3621 locks. This way, you will reduce your policy charges.

Get approved locksmiths services now and have the best version of the lock fitted in minutes.

Are all BS3621 Locks are Insurance approved?

Often the Kite mark BS3621 is called an insurance approved lock, which means insurance providers require this type of lock to be fitted in order to qualify.

Some BS3621 locks can be authorised by an insurance provider and can be certified through the The British Standards Institute.

Do home insurers require BS3621 lock?

Often the Kite mark BS3621 is called an insurance approved lock. This means insurance providers require this type of lock to be fitted in order to qualify.

Some BS3621 locks can be authorised by an insurance provider and can be certified through the The British Standards Institute.

Can BS3621 lock reduce my home insurance policy?

Many home policies don’t offer cheaper cover for BS 3621 locks, although most of the times it would be a standard requirement to comply to their security.

Again, please check with a locksmith if he can install locks that meet these requirements. Normally, a BS lock will save you a lot of money on the long term.

How can you tell if you have a British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock?

Do you wanna find out if you have a British Standard five lever mortice locking mechanism? The five levers are embossed inside the lock’s face plates on all BS3621 locks on the wood door.

The doors are not suitable for use with uPVC, aluminium or composite doors. Lock and unlock inside and outside with keys. The key is placed on the front doorframe.

Are Yale locks BS3621?

Similar to Mortice Locks (Chubb), Yale’s Night Latches Locks are British Standard Approved (BS3631) and therefore insurance policy compliant.

Each key and lock comes in a different version and different measurements, but a locksmith will be able to find the appropriate lock that works on your door.

Get a locksmith at your address and he will help you choose the rim, euro, cylinder, sashlock, morticelock or nightlatch you need and conform to the BS. Get in touch and call Chelsea Locksmith London now.