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24/ 7 Locksmith Service: 07442137578 Follow us:
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ABS Locksmith

Looking for an ABS Locksmith? Do you want a specialist who knows how to treat all types of locks, especially a high-security one such as ABS? Our emergency door lock expert is available around the clock. He will be able to come and help with any lock, not just ABS locks. Of course, when it comes to ABS or other high-security door locks, we are experts and fully equipped. Get in touch and ask for our ABS locksmiths. Day or night, our ABS locksmith near me will come to your location fast.

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Emergency ABS Locksmiths

Our 24 hour locksmiths in London can help with high security locks issues.
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House Lockout With An ABS Lock

We can help with all solutions for any high security ABS lock.
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Change Door Locks Now

Change your ABS door locks in minutes with an expert.
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About ABS Door Lock

The “Anti-Bump Snap” lock, often known as ABS door locks, is a notable innovation in home security technology. These locks are made to keep away the risk provided by lock bumping and snapping, which are typical methods applied by burglars to rapidly and silently enter a property. ABS door locks use specialised mechanisms that successfully prevent common break-in techniques, increasing the safety of residences and commercial buildings.

The locks are built with anti-snap lines that make it extremely difficult for intruders to manipulate the lock by preventing the lock cylinder from being easily breached. Property owners can experience more peace of mind with ABS door locks since they know that their entrances are protected against unauthorised entry attempts, which adds to the overall security and protection of the building.

Popular ABS Door Locks Models

  • 3* Diamond Locks – this type of replacement lock is by far our most popular ABS high security lock. In this case, lock snapping and drilling are almost impossible. An attack on ABS 3* Diamond grade locks trigger a secret lock that shuts out intruders from the hardened Molybdenum core. When changing locks we are always ready to help with an Avocet ABS secured lock that is TS007 3 Star Accredited Stamped. This lock is tested to the highest standard possible and will be the best choice to protect your house. These locks are commonly found on external doors but can be installed on most doors. Change your locks on front doors, back doors, porch doors, french doors, garage doors, side gate, patio doors, bifold doors or shed doors. Call us now and we will help you keep your house safe with a patented Active Snap Protection and secure diamond grade euro cylinder lock.

  • 3* Locks – Security locked in, Intruders locked out. With a bump and pick techonolgy, multi zone drill protection and a smooth key glide, this door lock will be your best investment in case you need more security. Have your lock changed with a Three star British Standard Kitemark euro cylinder lock that is police approved and secured by design. Secure yourself against lock snapping attacks and have a genuine ABS lock fitted profesisonally.


Our skilled ABS locksmith will be able to bypass locks made by a variety of lock manufacturers – including ABS. If you want a security expert to help you open the door for different types of locks or to replace a faulty lock with high security replacement locks, our techinians are here to help. We can help with a wide range of locks (including mechanism jobs, fix locks, mortice sash lock issues, changing locks, bolts for wooden doors, locks with the same key, security handles, cylinder locks with thumb turn and many more. More than that, there is a full range of services we can provide including gain entry, new lock install or replacement lock solutions

Here are some of the most common emergency services we are dealing with daily.


Both being locked in or locked out can be very frustrating for anyone. Of course, it can happen if a door unexpectedly locks itself while it is open and then swings back into position. No worries, our team can help with your door lock on internal or external doors, regardless of the manufacturer. Chelsea Locksmith London’s highly qualified locksmiths are available round-the-clock to respond to any lock-related emergencies and can reach you quickly.


Whether it’s because of keys that broke into the lock or just normal wear and tear, sometimes you might have to change locks to be secure inside your property. So, if you might want to replace the door lock or just the euro cylinder don’t hesitate to call us.

We can help with cylinder guards and security handles when changing locks that meet the 3 star maximum security grade required by most insurers.

Also, another reason why you might wanna change locks with an ABS lock would be if you require your ABS locks keyed alike – so all locks will work with on one key. In this case we can change two locks or even more, depending on your requirements. Call now Chelsea Locksmith London and we will respond to the call with the necessary tools.


Whenever you need an effective door lock installation that can be completed quickly, our emergency locksmiths is here. So, if you want to secure a home, property, or even a company, er are ready to help with all types of lock installations: mortice lock, euro profile cylinder lock or any type of secure door lock. Moreover, we will provide additional keys to all door locks we install.

Moreover, we are ready to help you install locks secured by design that operate under the same key. The cost will be discussed on site with the locksmith about this special service request. Contact Chelsea Locksmith London for a quick keyed alike lock installation and assurance.


We are ready to assist you 24 hour a day and 7 days a week. Our emergency locksmith specialist is prepared in every way when it comes to locks and he will be fully equipped when he comes to your place. Moreover, without exception, the job will be completed every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. No matter is we are talking baout mortice lock issues, rim cylinder, mortice sash lock, and so on, we can deal with it fast. We will also provide a full range of ABS locks and quick services. Besides the keyed alike system, we are not doing key cutting but we can help with anything else.

Increase your security with an ABS door lock or a more secure key. We can provide additional original keys for all locks we are changing. So, whenever you call us for service, our Chelsea, London team is prepared to provide and install your lock as an emergency. While on site, our locksmiths will also give out free security advise.

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ABS Door Locks Experts

Of course, when it comes to safeguarding our home and belongings, one of the crucial elements is a reliable secure lock. Obviously, all locks provide a sense of security and peace of mind. It is great to know that our possessions are protected from unauthorized access at all times and you can count on a great door lock day and night. Also, the installation is important, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our proffesionals in Chelsea whenever you want to make sure you have a new lock properly installed.

In the realm of locks, our ABS Locksmith has emerged as a prominent specialist in ABS locks. We are offering 24 hour emergency top-notch services and we can cater to the different security needs.

We are dealing with any Rim cylinder lock

In addition to serving a wide range of ABS locksmith services, we are experts in handling problems involving rim cylinder locks. We are more than ready to help with the utmost skill and accuracy regardless of the issue.

So, our knowledgeable professionals at Chelsea Locksmith London are at your disposal if you need assistance with a broken rim cylinder, urgent repair, or better security through the installation of a rim cylinder lock. Our skilled locksmiths are equipped with all the necessary tools and have the knowledge and skills to quickly resolve any issues with your rim cylinder locks.

Moreover, we are dedicated to enhancing the security of your property. So, whether it will be by fixing rim cylinder problems or upgrading to more secure choices, our locksmiths will make you be less vulnerable to an unplanned security attack.

Therefore, you can rely on us to offer prompt solutions that are accessible around-the-clock. We will make sure your safety and the protection of your property are at the highest level possible. Your security is our top concern at Chelsea Locksmith London. We are available 24 hour to help you with the utmost professionalism.

Can I Fit The Lock Myself?

In short, fitting or changing locks on your own can be a bit dangerous if you have no expertise. Although it may be tempting, installing the lock yourself might be difficult and security-sensitive. For example, a rim cylinder lock, in particular, requires specialised knowledge and equipment to be installed properly.

Be careful, incorrect installation could create weaknesses and you can be exposed. Therefore, we would not recommend you to try it yourself as you risk your security and is not worth it. The knowledge and experience on our Chelsea Locksmith London staff will guarantee a precise and safe installation 100%. Get in touch and rely on our experts to ensure that your property will have the proper installation and the best level of security.

Wrongly Fitted Lock Can Lead to Lock Snapping

Your home could be subject to lock snapping, a method that thieves use to gain quick access, if your locks are installed incorrectly. Just so you know, lock snapping compromises the integrity of the cylinder by focusing on poorly fitted locks. Our professional installation by Chelsea Locksmith London is vital if you wish to be fully secured. Call us now and get a skilled locksmith at your property to provide precise installation and lower the possibility of weakness. So, choose our specialised services to make your property safer and avoid any potential security consequences of poor installation.

How secure are ABS locks?

Overall, ABS locks are really well-known for their high security levels and effectiveness against various break-in methods. Moreover, ABS locks provide strong defence measures that considerably lessen the vulnerability of your property to attempted forced entry. Most importanlty, the anti-snap, anti-bump, and anti-pick capabilities are some of the best features of this really high security lock. They are an effective barrier against any potential burglars as they are made to withstand all attacks that target traditional locks. Therefore, ABS are considered some of the most secured locks our there. Due to an incredible efficacy, ABS locks are accepted by most insurance providers and comply to strict security criteria. In conclusion, ABS locks offer a an incredible barrier against unauthorised access when installed correctly. Get in touch now and our expert professionals at Chelsea Locksmith London will help you fast. Also, they will help you boost the general security of your property.

Can you cut ABS key without a code?

Upholding the best security standards for our customers is a top priority for Chelsea Locksmith London. Although we do not cut any keys in general, we can help you cut ABS keys only when it comes to keyed alike systems. Also, be careful as you won’t be able to cut keys anywhere without a security code. When you are installing a new lock you will get the security card as well. In this case, the card’s distinctive data assures that the key’s authorised duplication. So, when you can present the security card, you can rely on key cutters to precisely cut ABS keys. This system ensures your key works when it gets inserted in an ABS lock. Unlike other regular key cutting systems, this system has two different codes consisting of six digits. This makes is more complicated for any unauthorised person to replicate your keys without your permisson of security card.


Is your ABS lock not working properly? Contact Chelsea Locksmith London right now and we will come over fast. We are offering the best service in Chelsea area and we are available 24 hour a day and 7 days a week. Our quality locking products are always availabe and we will offer you top service at any hour. Simply call and contact us, we will come over to help.

Regardless of the weather conditions or of the moment of the day or night, we will be there for you. Get in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.