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24/ 7 Locksmith Service: 07442137578 Follow us:
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Ingersoll Locksmiths in London

Ingersoll Locksmith in London

Are you looking for an Ingersoll locksmith service in London for your faulty Ingersoll lock? Or simply need to improve your house by installing high-security locks? Our Ingersoll locksmiths are ready to come and complete any job in Chelsea and nearby areas. Call our team of Ingersoll locksmiths now and our company will help you fit and supply high-security locks. They are ready to perform repairs or replacements for the complete range of locks on the spot.

Both cylinders or night latches made by this brand have been employed in Britain since the early 20th century, and remain in use around the country, helping to shore up homes, schools, and businesses.

Despite international names like Yale and Master Lock now outshining them in popularity, a reliable, expert Ingersoll locksmith in Chelsea will know their way around the British brand and get to you fast wherever you are in the capital.

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History of Ingersoll Locks

Ingersoll has its origins in the American Ingersoll Watch Company, which saw massive success at the turn of the 20th century with the introduction of their ‘dollar watch’ – the cheapest watch available to buy at the time.

In 1904, they sought to replicate this success across the pond, setting up a store and factory in London, where they sold ‘crown’ watches for 5 shillings – about the equivalent of a dollar.

While the American business eventually fell into bankruptcy, the London-based subsidiary lived on, now solely British-owned.

During the Second World War, it manufactured locks used to secure the lines that attached gliders to their towing aircraft. But in the commercial sector, it would produce locks that are used today. Here are some of their enduringly popular models.

Popular Ingersoll Models

• Ingersoll SC71 – The ‘world famous’ 10-lever rim automatic deadlock can be identified by its broad lever and has been in continuous production since 1969. Its famous design offers a high level of security – through the abundance of Ingersoll keys has diminished their utility. Many now have a Mul T Lock cylinder fitted in their models, which comes with a registration card (as the original did), ensuring the lock and key are a unique pair. With us you can install a good security lock alternative at any time.

• The NS80 model – Another famous 10-lever rim automatic deadlock with a distinctive, prominent ring, it ceased production in 1999.

• Ingersoll M6 Mortice Lock – A sturdy mortice lock that ceased production in 1990.

Ingersoll Locksmith Services

Your expert Ingersoll locksmith will be able to contend with models from a range of lock manufacturers. Here are some of the services commonly called upon.

Door Opening – Locked Out, Locked In

Being locked out is incredibly frustrating – as is being locked in. The latter can occur when a door is accidentally deadlocked whilst open, then swings back into place. Chelsea Locksmith London can get to you fast, 24 hours a day, with expertly trained staff ready to resolve your lock-based emergency.

Lock Changing

All locks eventually require maintenance, whether from snapped keys or general wear and tear. Perhaps after reading this article, you’re looking to switch to a Mul-T-Lock cylinder for your trusty SC71. Chelsea Locksmith London will arrive on the scene with the appropriate tools and can provide a swift change on any lock model.

Lock Installation

If you’re looking to shore up a home, property, or business, you’ll want a secure installation that can be conducted fast. While many models have since ceased production, there remain plenty of distributors and resellers of Ingersoll locks across the UK. Once you’ve got the ideal model, look to Chelsea Locksmith London for a fast fitting and peace of mind.

Emergency Ingersoll Locksmith 247

Our goal is to help you with anything regarding when it comes to your locks. Bad weather, late nights, Saturdays, and Sundays, the job will be done 247, with no excuses. We offer a complete range of services for locks and we stock all types of products and Ingersoll locks for all types of doors.

Level up your security with the famous Ingersoll lock, Union Assa products, or mul t lock replacement (if you wish for a more secure key). Our Chelsea London team is ready to supply and fit your lock whenever you call us for service. They will also offer free security advice while on site.

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Normally, if we are not really busy when you call, we should be able to help within 15 – 20 minutes. Our goal is to help any client with any lock emergency as soon as possible.

So, regardless of the weather conditions or of the moment of the day or night, we will be there for you. More than that, we will offer emergency assistance for your Ingersoll lock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ingersoll Locksmith Services

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