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24/ 7 Locksmith Service: 07442137578 Follow us:
17 Redburn St, London SW3 4DA contact@chelsealocksmith-london.co.uk

Locked myself out of the house in Chelsea - now what?

The best way to avoid being locked out of your home is to always make sure you have your keys with you before the door is locked. But if you do find yourself locked out, we might be able to help.

No matter what time it is, Chelsea Locksmith London will be available to help, as we are a 24 hour company. Even if it’s too late at night or too early in the morning, we will come out right away. Give us a call here: 07442137578. Call a locksmith now – Chelsea Locksmith London is available at all times.

Locked Myself Out Tips for When You Get Locked out Your Home
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Need a professional locksmith?

  • Locked out of your property? Locked yourself out of your house​ and you have no house key?

  • If you are locked out at night, then this is an emergency because your safety could be at risk. So, if a family member can’t help with a spare key, get a specialist on your premises fast.

  • Lockouts lead to damage and stress for any homeowner or business manager. Forgot your keys inside? Unlock the door lock at any hour.

  • It is not a cheap operation but it’s an urgent on-demand service. We will ensure the safety of your premises at any hour.

  • Our door locksmith services are fast and emergency-based and they aim to serve residential and commercial customers 24/7.

So, whether you’ve got a front door lock emergency or simply need an ongoing business security check, we can help with lock solutions and new house keys.

We are your professional locksmith team and we offer the best solutions when you need to gain entry fast or change locks. Also, we can provide the best service for both your front door and back door. Call a locksmith and solve your security issue now.

Locked Myself Out Of The House, What Happens Now?

Being locked out of house can be a very stressful experience, especially if it is cold and dark. If you don’t have a spare key, then finding yourself locked out of your house will feel like an emergency.

Our Locksmith Chelsea​ service will get to you inside or outside your house fast, with emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And because we know how irritating it is to be locked out, our aim is to solve your problem as quickly as we can.

We have mobile locksmiths on call to help you with any emergency locksmiths needs. Our team of trained lock specialists is waiting to take your call. They will help you gain access and open your locked door in minutes.

Locked myself out of the house - What to do if locked out?

Before calling a professional to handle all the locks issues, you can try check the following bullet points and see if any of these is a solution for you.

Things to try when you have a locked door and no key

Trying to get access back into your home is normal, even if you can’t find your set of keys. Here is a short list of things to do before calling a locksmith. Maybe you will have a better solution just under your nose.

1. Check Other Doors

Sometimes it might be a solution to check is any other doors are open. If you have more than one entry point to your house, it worths giving it a try. So, it’s possible that you forgot about the other door to lock your property fully. Therefore, if the front door is locked and blocked, and you might figure that your back door or your patio door might be left unlocked instead. We would check all the doors once before admitting to being locked out of home.

In conclusion, make sure you check every entryway to a property: patio doors, garage doors, and side door. It could be that another possibility has been opened. Warning: Never open any external doors without the proper precautionary measures. You’re ruining the door, and you might even hurt yourself too. Also, a broken window might be more expensive to be replaced than having a locksmith to help opening the locking mechanism. In case the house is totally locked, you might need to think about something else.

2. Try the first floor windows or garage doors

First, make sure you don’t have any open window and make sure that there isn’t a window open. You shouldn’t leave open windows when you’re not in the house, but you never know. Of course, if you forgot to close the window before you left, it will work to your advantage.

In this case, you can try and enter back into your home using the window if you are locked out of the house. Another good option would be using a garage door to access your house, if that’s the case. Please avoid any broken glass and simply try the door handle.

3. Ask a Neighbor For Help Or a Warm Place to Stay until you figure it out

It’s a situation that makes you grateful that you are able to talk to your neighbors. Sometimes, someone who lives near you can be helpful. He might not have the appropriate tools but you can ask for an open wire hanger, coat hanger, a plastic card, bobby pins, a thin piece of plastic, screwdriver, or shoe strap – anything you can think of to help you unlock the door. Moreover, maybe they can recommend you a locksmith company they have used in the past. Hopefully, you neighbor will be able to recommend us as we are a local company working 24 hours for the community in Chelsea.

4. Look for unlocked windows or doors

Unlocked door locks invite invasion and they also allow you escape difficult situations if you’re locked out. Check the entrance area of the house and avoid breaking any window. Take off the screen if possible, lift the handle and swing through the windows. Try not to push too hard if the lock is not reacting, it might be a bigger lock problem than you were thinking.

5. Remove the Doorknob

In this case, if you think this will work, you must use a screwdriver to remove the door handles. You will see one little latch near the bottom. Push the button into place, then release the lever. Use a screwdriver to push the latch.

Another idea would be to take apart the door knob. If you are not a locksmith, you probably don’t have the necessary skills or tools for this. In other cases, you may want the assistance of your neighbours. Anyway, different types of doorknobs can be assembled and disassembled in different ways. For example, you can use swivel-driven screws to remove screws from handle and remove hinge screws with paper clips. Once you have removed your door knob and entered the home you must immediately put them back together to protect you. If you are not sure you are secured after this operation, it’s better to ask an expert to come and check. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours.

6. Try Your Plastic Card or Credit Card

You’ve heard it in movies and you can try it in real life whenever you find yourself in this position – “locked myself out of the house”. You shouldn’t be wrong if you try the card a thin plastic. Sometimes, some front door secured locks will never work. But you can give it a try anyway – simply put the card between the door frames while keeping it firmly until it jiggles. You can try hitting the latch using your credit card before releasing the lock. If this method is not working most likely you lock is secured and you need a professional locksmith at your house to help you out.

7. Call For Spare Key

Find someone who may have an extra set of keys – maybe a family member. In some circumstances, a partner in the house may need another set of keys for the house.

More than that, if you rent – the landlord may be able to get you more keys. You must arrange a pick up if you are able to travel to your landlord’s address. If you reside in your own home and you have the only copy, you might have to think about a last resort solution: calling a locksmith at your location. Always carry a valid identification that can prove you are living in the apartment. We will ask you to identify yourself before proceeding to open the door.

8. Seeking Help

Contact a specialised company that can solve this issue at any hour. Our company is here to help you at your location whenever you get locked out or forget your keys inside your house. A professional will be able to help without breaking the door or the frame. Also, he is able to replace the lock with the exact same lock, in case it’s necessary. Get our Chelsea Locksmith London at your place now.

Don't Break A Window

Choose any method but don’t try to break windows because there’s a big probability to hurt yourself. Moreover, if you have sliding glass doors and these are not working, ask a professional to help and avoid breaking any window screen. If you pull or force the mounting screws, you will risk damaging the sliding doors and the entire system. We’ve seen many situations where people broke into windows after locking themselves out of house with no key. Anyway, it is possible that it will cost you more to get the glass replaced instead of calling the locksmith. Phone us now and avoid an unnecessary window break.

In conclusion, check with neighbor or friends to see if they have an extra key for your home. If not, simply call us. We’ll be there in no time and you will get the fastest solution to gain access into your house.

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Tips On How To Prevent A Lockout

Avoid getting locked out in the future by securing a key elsewhere. For example, you can think of a different place where you can leave a copy safe.

Give a spare away

In this case someone that can provide it to you would be ideal. So, of your neighbor is trustworthy, you can simply phone him whenever you forget your keys and you will save yourself from a lockout.

Hide a set of spare keys

The method can only be used in safe hiding locations. That means not beneath your front carpet or under an imaginary rock or your mailbox. It’s one of the first places a possible thief looks for spare keys. One more option for securing the keys of your house would be a taped device or maybe inside your car. The idea is to put the keys somewhere where is accessible and you can immediately reach them.

Contact an Emergency Locksmith

A locksmith is a person you can trust that you can turn to your address when you have an emergency lock and key situation such as locking yourself out. Also, you can phone a specialist when you need a repair or replacement for a broken lock. We are ready to help 24 hours.

Our mobile locksmiths carry special tools and they can help you if you left your house key inside and can’t get in, for example. So, whenever you can’t unlock the door, a locksmith can come and try a lock picking – if that’s the case. Everyone has heard about picking locks from spy movies, but actually it is not that simple and not all locks can be picked. Some locks are specially designed to be anti picking. Of course, only an experienced locksmith knows how to pick locks with ease because they have had plenty of practice with this skill. Otherwise, he will find a better solution to let you in without damaging to the door.

Get a professional at your house and he will help you with any on-demand emergency locksmiths services.

Call our expert now for an Instant Response 24 hour