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24/ 7 Locksmith Service: 07442137578 Follow us:
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Ways You Might Get Locked Out Of the House (And How to Solve Them)

Very few things are as frustrating as getting locked out of the house, but this common concern doesn’t have to spiral into a crisis.

With the right amount of preparation, a couple of brief checks, and a reliable locksmith on hand, we can make sure we get back into our homes quickly and securely.

Here are some of the ways you might get locked out of the house, and how you can fix them.

Key broke off in lock chelsea

Reasons Why My Key Broke off In Lock

One of the most common issues is a key broke off in lock. This can happen for a range of reasons, including:

  • Damage to the lock due to general wear and tear, resulting in a problematic grip on the key. If you’re noticing your lock is starting to stick, you can address this by spraying a little lubricant into the lock. You shouldn’t use WD40, as it will remove existing lubricant in the cylinder, and encourage greater sticking over time. Opt for a non-solvent-based lubricant instead.
  • Damage or twisting to the key – this can happen after a key has been put into the wrong lock. You shouldn’t try to force the key back into place as it may snap entirely. A key that’s been badly cut in the first place might be causing the issue – you can test this with a spare if you have one on hand. In both these instances, it may be best to get a new key cut.
  • A frozen internal mechanism, causes resistance. If cold weather has caused the internal mechanism to freeze, you can remedy this by spraying a de-icer into the lock, using a hairdryer or simply your hot breath, or heating up your key with a cigarette lighter. Don’t pour boiling water into the lock, as it will simply freeze up again once cooled.

What should I do if my key broke off in lock?

When you have a problem with your lock or a broken key inside the lock, the best way to deal with it is by calling an expert. Anyway, you can try some tricks by yourself, if you really wish so. For example, if you can get a grip on the snapped end of the key, you can try spraying a non-solvent-based lubricant into the lock and attempt to slide it out that way.

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that you can get a broken key out of the lock. More than that, forcing it out by other means might result in the key becoming more embedded into the lock. In these instances, it might be best to contact a local locksmith that can attempt professional lock picking. Remove the broken key with Chelsea Locksmith London, a service available 24 hours.

Misplacing your keys

Losing a key or accidentally leaving it inside the home is an issue that many of us will contend with at some point in our lives. Here are some tips on how to deal with this situation if it happens to you.

Tips to help with being locked out

  • – Get in contact with anyone who has a spare.
  • – Check if any accessible windows are unlocked, as well as back doors and other points of entry.
  • – Attempt to pick the lock – screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, lock picks, hairpins and debit cards are useful tools for forcing a lock open.
  • – Seek out the help of a neighbour – if anything to keep you out of the cold while you wait for a locksmith or someone with a spare.
  • – Call an emergency locksmith. If you call a locksmith you will have a quick and safe solution.
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If you’ve lost your keys you might want to seek out a lock change to ensure that you’re the only person with access to your property. Of course, removing a broken key should be an emergency call but you have to think about a new lock as soon as possible. 

A reliable local locksmith will be able to help with this, as well as assist you in instances where you’ve been locked out of the house. Get a broken key solution in no time with our locksmith company. Our professional locksmith would be happy to help. 

Chelsea London Locksmith is an expert emergency locksmith service operating out of SW3. Whenever you need to remove a broken key, we are here to help. We’ll get to you day and night wherever you are in the capital, ready to deal with a range of lock-based emergencies quickly and securely. No matter what, your house key and lock should be a priority and you should have these in good working order day and night. 

Locksmith For All Emergency Lock Issues (including the key broke off in lock)

Our Chelsea Locksmith London provides solutions for everyone around Chelsea and the surrounding areas. A pretty popular service would be to remove the key from a lock when you have a broken key inside your locking system. Removing a broken key should be an emergency and we are here for it! 

Additionally, we have a wide range of lock brands and types available whenever you need, that would fit many different door types. 

Call our expert now if your key broke off in lock