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24/ 7 Locksmith Service: 07442137578 Follow us:
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uPVC door lock replacement

Solutions for your UPVC Door Lock

Are you in need of a uPVC door lock? We can help fast with uPVC door locks, multipoint locking systems, and new door lock solutions. So, when it’s time for a UPVC door lock replacement, get in touch!

UPVC locks are near ubiquitous in modern households. Often utilizing a multipoint locking system, they’re a great, secure option with versatile uses.

As with all locks, the damage will occur over time, resulting in snapping, sticking, and other inconvenient malfunctions. So, in order to keep your property safe and maintain access, it’s a good idea to seek out expert help from a reliable local locksmith for your uPVC doors.

Call us now and get your uPVC door locks checked. We are here whenever you need help with your multipoint locking system.

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What are UPVC locks used for?

UPVC door locks are used for basically any entry point made from UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride). It’s an affordable, low-maintenance material that keeps heat in – it’s no wonder that we’re so fond of it in British homes.

Moreover, UPVC locks typically utilize a multi-point system that’s built into the door and secured at several points by a single key. If you’re used to turning up the handle to lock it, then your door probably uses a multi-point system. We are here whenever you need help with your UPVC door locks near me. Reach out now. 

uPVC Door Locks and multipoint options

Some entry points, such as patio and sliding doors, may use a different type of UPVC lock, and high-tech, digital locks forgo traditional keys entirely. If this is starting to sound complicated, don’t worry. An experienced locksmith will know their way around all of them.

So, UPVC locks are manufactured by all leading lock companies (including Lockmaster and Yale) and are commonly used in the following instances.

• Patio Doors

• Sliding Doors

• Widows

• Side Doors

How can I replace the UPVC door lock mechanism?

To replace a UPVC door lock mechanism and restore it to full working order, you will typically need to switch out a damaged barrel, but other issues might be resulting in a loss of function. For example, if your uPVC door won’t open or isn’t closing as it should, there could be a problem with the mechanism. A locksmith has to take the measurement of the mechanism, check the spindle hole, and guide you on that are the next steps.

This also often involves using a key – which isn’t particularly helpful for those who have either lost their set or have an existing key embedded in the barrel. For those without experience changing locks, we’d recommend in most instances seeking out the experience of a locksmith near you. Please don’t risk breaking the locking mechanism of your uPVC doors if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

In conclusion, there’s a big risk of causing more harm when attempting to change the barrel yourself with no previous experience. Find an expert that will know exactly how to handle any situation.

Get a uPVC door lock replacement with Chelsea Locksmith London

An expert locksmith will know their way around a UPVC door lock replacement and be able to switch out and repair a faulty multipoint lock quickly. If security is your top priority, you’ll want a locksmith who can get to you fast, day or night.

Chelsea Locksmith London is a reliable, cost-effective solution to your lock-related issues, with the tools to perform a UPVC lock replacement on the spot at your home or property.

Based in SW3, they’re also fully prepared to make emergency calls, can dispatch a trained locksmith to you quickly, and operate across the city of London.

Can you replace the lock on a uPVC door?

Of course, this service can be done by an expert easily in a matter of minutes, in case we are talking about the lock barrel replacement. Please make sure you call us if your multipoint mechanism has a more complex problem. 

In case the entire multipoint mechanism needs to be changed, the expert will guide you on what are the next steps. He will be able to offer you information on how you should proceed, based on the brand and the type of mechanism. A locksmith can handle easily a multipoint mechanism replacement and he will find a new one for you with our suppliers.

What other services do Locksmiths provide?

Locksmiths have experience with a range of lock-related issues, and will be able to install, repair, and maintain any lock system utilized in your home, from multipoint, deadbolt, and hook-bolt appliances, to sliding door locks and small sash window fittings.

Trained to contend with the products of all leading lock manufacturers, locksmiths can secure entryways across any property or business, and get you back in your home in those frustrating instances of being locked out – whatever type of lock you have.

For fast, reliable, affordable locksmith services near you – including solutions for UPVC door locks – look to Chelsea Locksmith London.

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